AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush (White)
AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush (White)
AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush (White)

AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush (White)

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Smile brighter both morning and night every time you brush with this must-have accessory from AP 24®. Specifically engineered to give you an optimal brushing experience, this toothbrush features bristles that are engineered to work in three different ways. The result is triple-action cleaning that helps reduce the appearance of surface stains when used with toothpaste and extends to even the most hard-to-reach places to effectively remove stubborn dental plaque. Make the AP 24® Toothbrush the star of your bathroom and share your beautiful shining smile with the world.


Prefer a different colour? This toothbrush is also available in Grey.



  • Engineered for triple-action cleansing

1. Double-tiered bristles: Two different lengths of bristles—longer and shorter—are designed to help remove plaque in hard-to-reach places.
2. Embossed bristles: Ridges on the bristles provide a unique texture to increase the effectiveness of removing plaque.
3. Tapered bristles: Bristles narrow at the tip to target hard-to-reach plaque.

  • Effectively removes plaque.
  • Features a tongue scraper conveniently located on the back of the brush head to promote fresh breath.
  • Features soft bristles for a gentle, yet effective, brushing experience.

Why will I love it?

87.4% average subject satisfaction with gingival massaging effect*

80.3% average subject satisfaction with dental plaque removal*

78.1% average subject satisfaction with interdental cleaning*

*Based on a satisfaction survey of 32 subjects who used an embossed tapered-bristle toothbrush twice per day for two weeks with a standard toothpaste.



Directions: Using an AP 24® toothpaste, brush teeth morning and evening, or as directed by a dentist.

  • For a brighter smile, use in conjunction with AP 24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste.
  • For optimal reduction in plaque, use in conjunction with an AP 24® Anti-plaque Fluoride Toothpaste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush so novel compared to regular toothbrushes?
The secret to AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush is its bristles. Three different bristle features target stubborn plaque and debris in different ways, creating a better cleaning experience. For example, in clinical trials, our embossed tapered toothbrush performed significantly better than a conventional tapered-bristle toothbrush.

Is it safe for me to use an AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush if my teeth and gums are sensitive?

AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush bristles are specially designed to be tough on plaque and not on your gums, but you should always talk to your dentist before trying new dental products.

What is triple-action cleansing and why is it better than traditional brushing?

AP 24® Smile Pop Toothbrush combines three different bristle features designed to clean teeth in three different ways. A double-tiered design with differing bristle lengths better reaches between and around your teeth to remove plaque from even those hard-to-reach corners. An embossed bristle texture better grips plaque that traditional brushing may miss. And tapered bristle ends better reach between teeth to provide a more complete clean. These three innovative features create triplecleansing action that goes beyond what normal brushing does for your teeth.